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Paula Darwish & The Country and Eastern Band

    Although a songwriter in her own right, Paula Darwish has become more well known in recent years for her unique and captivating interpretations of Turkish and Kurdish folk songs.

    Their unique sound with its diverse eastern and western influences, relies on a careful balance of the familiar with the unknown.

    With its passionate vocal deliveries, dancey global rhythms and unique arrangements of classic pieces of traditional music from all over modern day Turkey, the music resonates with listeners all over the world.

    The only borders are in your mind.

        Paula Darwish & the Country and Eastern Band are based in Manchester, England


        3 Songs from Anatolia

          3 Anadolu Ezgisi It has been said that you cannot translate Anatolian music, you can only feel it. This collection of traditional songs from Turkey features previously unreleased recordings

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        Tribute to Adam Warne

        This month we received the sad news of the death of Adam Warne, who I have been performing with for over 10 years. He was a talented and dedicated musician

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        Cambridge Concert with Tara Jaff 28th May

        Tara Jaff, Paula Darwish, Serpil Kilic, and Mina Mikhail Salama. Songs in Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish and Persian. Tickets will be sold at the venue on the day of the event.

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