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The Teampeople who have helped make things happen…

Usta ve Çırak Organizasyon – Turkey bookings
Tom Knott – Manchester based sound engineer. Tom has worked on many Country and Eastern Band recordings including “do what you love” and also plays with The Earlies and I am Kloot
Niklas Schminke – Berlin based sound engineer who worked on “Urfa folk song” and ” do what you love”. He also works with Metin and Kemal Kahraman
Tracey Gibbs – photographer. Tracey is also a dancer and runs a belly dance agency in the UK
Rachel Magowan – music photographer and biographer
Erdinç Salgut – film producer, editor and camera technician. Produced “Jolene” clip. Also web & graphic designer at GraphicEdit
Lynda Gilbert Filming – film & video production

Anatolian,Turkish & Kurdish Music Resources in English

Turkish music Wikipedia – in English giving an overview of  different types of music from Turkey
Turkish Cultural Foundation Music Portal – English language resource about Turkish music
Kurdish Institute, Paris – English language resource about Kurdish music. The institute also claims to have  the largest Kurdish library in the Western world
Eric Ederer – is an ethno musicologist who has written in English about Turkish makam and also, one of my favourite instruments, the cumbüş. In English it may be written as “cumbus” but should be pronounced” joombush”. So if you want to learn a bit more about makam or the cumbüş but you don’t speak Turkish this is a good place to start.

Türkçe müzik kaynakları

Turku dostları – Turkish folk music resource in Turkish.Lyrics and stories of traditional songs. – Turkish folk music resource in Turkish.Lyrics and stories of traditional songs
Makams in Turkish Sanat Music – Turkish “Art music” – shows over 300  makams used in sanat müziği, translated into English as ‘Art Music’
Makams in Turkish Classical Music – from the Middle East Technical University,Istanbul

Recommended artists

Selda Bağcan – people often ask who is my favourite singer or band and there are always several that come to my mind depending on who I am listening to most at the time but I think  Selda is my all time favourite. I love her voice, her  music, her passion and her politics. She was born in the 1940’s in Muğla in Turkey and  sang Anatolian folk music but is often described as  a protest singer because of her politics and the 1960’s era during which she made many of her recordings. In 1987 she played at Womad and Glastonbury festivals. She is one of the  greatest singers of all time.

Aram Tigran
Mahsuni Şerif
Hasret Gültekin
Sümeyra Çakır
Belkis Akkale
Hacı Taşan
Erol Parlak
İlkay Akkaya
Şivan Perwer
Umut Altınçağ
Kardeş Türküler
Ahmet Kaya
Yeni Türkü
Zülfü Livaneli
Aynur Doğan
Grup Yorum
Muharrem Temiz
Mikhail Aslan
Hozan Beşir
Devrim Kaya
Selçuk Balcı

SOAS Radio –  radio station from The School of Oriental and African Studies in London.  Some great broadcasts and podcasts bringing music from all over the world to London and the UK. Shows include world music in  “a world in London” presented by Dj Ritu and Anatolian Rock presented by Murat Meriç.


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