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Tribute to Adam Warne

This month we received the sad news of the death of Adam Warne, who I have been performing with for over 10 years. He was a talented and dedicated musician and a kind soul. Rest in peace, Adam. We will miss you a lot. This is a short video I made to pay tribute to him. A facebook page was also set up in his memory

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Manchester gig tickets now on sale

Advance discount tickets are now on sale online for our gig at Dulcimer Bar on 27th April. We will be joined by our special guest from London, bağlama player Erdoğan Bayır. We are really looking forward to it.

Best wishes for 2017

Thanks to everyone who stayed with us last year. We had a bit of a quiet year, not just because of the challenging new political landscape, but also because Paula and Serpil managed to be in different countries to each other for about a third of it. In 2017, we are looking forward to doing some new recording, launching our new website and hitting the road with our instruments a bit more frequently. For a little New Year cheer from us – please click the youtube link below..

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Live from RNCM – Armenian folk song

Սարերի հովին մեռնեմ  or Sareri Hovin Mernem is an Armenian folk song. It means ‘I would die for the mountain breeze’. Live acapella recording from RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) Manchester, February 2016. The song has been song by many, many artists, not just from Armenia, but from all over the world.    

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River Lea

Watch the River Lea clip and see the lyrics here. Written many years before the Adele song of the same name. Lost in the shadows and the summer breeze Cold dark waters of the River Lea A thousand secrets of  a thousand years of history   And there’s nothing pretty about it at all Neglected houses and graffiti walls Urban heroes and a stray dog yawning wide   And sometimes  in these days I think just how good life can be And lost in all my thoughts I find myself by the river lea   Is it too much to

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Cambridge Folk Concert 28th February 2016

Paula Darwish, Serpıl Kılıç and band. Turkish and Kurdish folk songs. Children welcome.

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