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Paula Darwish The Country and Eastern Band

Paula Darwish The Country and Eastern Band was recorded  at  ex- Fall member, Una Baines’ house in Dudley Road, Manchester in 2003         1 I am an island Paula Darwish 2 Lakes below Paula Darwish 3 Yeter ki Fikret Kızılog 4 Uyur idik Pir Sultan Abdal Musicians Ric Gibbs: drums, percussion, darbuka, def Ed Cross : bass Ed Wolstenholme: violin/ mandola Chris Williams: Kemençe Kevin Bates: darbuka, flute Pascal Pascalis: bouzouki Paula Darwish: guitar, vocals Engineered & produced by Ormi, Manchester 2003

Country and Eastern

not on general release Recorded at Level One Studios, Manchester 2002. Engineered by Tom Knott & Pete Williams. Produced by Tom Knott and Justin Richards.       Musicians: Drums: Gavin Kinch Bass: Chris Layhe (except for City) Kemençe/mandola: Chris Williams Guitars, lapsteel, harmonica,vocals: Paula Darwish


Adım (a step) was produced in 2000 in  London as a demo only Songs: 1. Onurlu yaşamlar Words: Īpek Bayrak /music: Paula Darwish 2 Dertli dertli Words: Īpek Bayrak/ music: Paula Darwish 3 Gün doğuyor Words: Orhan Veli/ music: Paula Darwish 4 Sana bir çiçek Words: Murat Orhan Arıburnu/ music: Paula Darwish 5 Eylül sabahının serinliği Words: Ataol Behramoğlu/ music: Paula Darwish 6 She Says Words & Music :Paula Darwish Musicians: Drums: Alex Sufi, Bass: Steve Anthony, Guitar, saz, kemençe: Chris Wılliams Vocals, guitar : Paula Darwish Recorded by Gavin Kinch London 2000

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