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A song about the River Lea in London

    I wrote this song when I lived in Hackney and use to  cycle through Springfield Park to the River Lea to get some peace and quiet, or simply to get to Tottenham avoiding the busy roads. There used to be a run down old pub with outside tables,  where I occasionally stopped for a beer. If it was a warm, dry evening, the quiet would undoubtedly be punctuated by the sound of dogs fighting or people that had had one too many in the sun.  It was still lovely, but for that reason I preferred it  when the weather was not so good and the gloomy clouds added to the general lustre of urban decay. It was certainly not  what you would describe as a beauty spot but it had a certain charm and the simple fact of its longevity somehow  always enabled me to put my own problems into perspective.

    More information on this great river from The River Lea site or wikipedia

    River Lea

    Lost in the shadows and the summer breeze

    Cold dark waters of the River Lea

    A thousand secrets of  a thousand years of history


    And there’s nothing pretty about it at all

    Neglected houses and graffiti walls

    Urban heroes and a stray dog yawning wide


    And sometimes  in these days

    I think just how good life can be

    And lost in all my thoughts

    I find myself by the river lea


    Is it too much to want?

    Because I ‘m hoping that it’s gonna flow forever so


    Come on sista open your mind

    Lay bare your soul and put it next to mine

    Cos I’m all naked but I’m not feeling cold

    Come on now, free your soul

    Take it to the ocean and let it flow

    With all this love we can sail on through the night.


    Well I sit by the river sometimes on my own

    Thinking how the city looks so old

    And I shiver in the shadow of the people’s history


    In this hostile city where the people feed

    The spirit of love into the air we breathe

    And leave their colour on these grey old factories


    And sometimes in these days

    I think of how hard life can be

    Of all the hopes and dreams

    Buried in the banks of the River Lea


    When you whisper to me, you make me breathe

    When you hold me in your arms, you set me free

    When you take my love, you give me energy


    And sometimes in these days

    I think what life has brought to me

    And lost in all my dreams

    I find myself by the River Lea


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