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Hasret Gültekin

    A song from Hasret Gültekin who was tragically killed at the age of only 21 in what became known as the Sivas Massacre on July 2nd 1993. The Madımak Hotel in Sivas was hosting an event to commemorate 16th Century folk poet and rebel, Pir Sultan Abdal and was set alight by religious extremists who were reportedly angry that one of the guests , the writer Aziz Nesin, had translated parts of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses into Turkish. Hasret was one of a total of 37 people who were killed that day, most of whom were prominent Alevi artists and intellectuals.To date, no-one has been convicted for the murders. Hasret Gültekin was a great bağlama player and songwriter. This is one of his own songs, about the pain of being away from home, and it mentions the village of Han where he was born.
    More info on Wikipedia at : Sivas Massacre

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