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Syrian refugee crisis

    I heard on the radio at the weekend that there has been a low response to the UN appeal for help for Syrian refugees living in tents on the borders with Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. These countries have taken in tens of thousands of refugees who now face sub zero temperatures in one of the worst cold spells to hit the Middle East. If you can spare some cash please help them out. People complain about immigration in Europe but it’s nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of people taken in by neighbouring countries everytime there is upheaval in the Middle East – much of which has been caused by the intervention of European Powers, Israel and America – countries with much stronger economies. Thousands of poor Iraqi’s fled to Jordan and Syria after the Iraq invasion and Jordan still has Palestinian refugee camps that date back to 1948. Just spare a thought for the less well off – it’s only the ones with money who can make it as far as Europe.



    United Nations Syrian Refugee Appeal


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