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Time to go

    Time to go

    by Paula Darwish. A song about Tony Blair, his part on the Gulf War and his eventual fall from power. Recorded for the album ‘do what you love’ in 2008.

    Welcome to the world where the mighty fall
    Where the lies die young and the truth grows tall
    Welcome to the land called indignation
    Do you need some education?

    Lost in the great ship complication
    Time for damage limitation
    Sailing in a sea of empty statements
    Maybe you need sweet salvation

    Bye bye, bye bye

    Welcome to the land where the poor ones weep
    Where the tears flow fast and the blood runs deep
    Step onto the land of desperation
    Sinking in the sand is a strange sensation

    Lost by the meaning of a sovereign nation
    Such a dangerous aberration
    Can you give an explanation
    Sorry’s not in the equation

    Bye bye, bye bye

    The wind can change with a fatal blow
    When the shop goes down you have to row
    Retribution can be slow
    Don’t look back it’s time to go
    Now bye bye bye

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    ©Paula Darwish

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