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yıldızların altında / unter den sternen recording project

    There’s often  no way to explain why certain ideas come into your head at certain times and that was certainly the case, when I first heard  ‘yıldızların altında’ , a song written by Kaptanzade Ali Rıza Efendi (1881 -1934) and immortalised by the great Turkish singer Zeki Müren in the 1950’s. As I sat on the veranda of  a pansiyon  in Karaburun about 8 years ago the song came on the radio and I  immediately asked friends  what the song was. Probably becasuse of the era it was recorded in, the song reminded me of Marlene Dietrich recordings my parents used to play, and I thought the style of the song was suited to the German language.

    Well that was some time ago and here I am in 2012 almost at the point of making this come true. The first major task was to get the song translated into German and compose the German lyrics. Some people choose to ignore the original meaning of the song when  rewriting it in a different language  and just go for something that sounds good in the new language. However, I wanted to keep the original meaning of the song as much as possible while having  lyrics that didn’t sound unusual in German. This task was expertly done by Dr Rachel Ramsay and Dr Necla Acik-Toprak . It  took over a year all in all as ideas were batted back and forth and we tested our draft lyrics on unsuspecting Germans to see how well they came across.

    In the end, I was more than pleased with the result and after over a year of working on the actual musical recording I can’t wait for the final result to be released….

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