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Please act now to save the Yezidi people of Iraq

For thousands of years Mesopotamia has been the multi cultural home to numerous communities and religion. In recent years,  a growing number of extremist religious armed gangs have been trying to change that. At this very moment, the Yezidi people whose home is  Mesopotomia, are threatened with extinction by one of these groups. Let’s reclaim the Middle East from these people these mercenaries who don’t belong there. There are numerous petitions going round to call for urgent action, please sign one or all…see links below: Avaaz petition to UN White House Petition

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Manchester protest for Gaza – Weds 23rd July 2014 Not in our name

Wednesday 23 July 5.30pm Piccadilly Gardens Manchester M1 1RG Called by Manchester PSC, supported by Greater Manchester Stop the War For Gaza – An Appeal to all to protest against Israel and against the UK Government for supporting it. Not in our name Speakers from Drive for Justice and others Bring banners and placards Contact: or Facebook National Demonstration 26 July Stop the Massacre in Gaza Assemble 12 Noon Israeli Embassy More info from StopTheWar  

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21 years without justice – Sivas 1993

In what cause should a life be given? Is the road barbed with stones For money or honour?   Bir insan ömrünü neye vermeli Para mı onur mu taş dikenli yol

London Concert 31st May

We are looking forward to being at Che-Men Café on 31st May. Please see our event  listings  for more information and reservation information.

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Manchester Concert 7th June

A celebration of Anatolian and Middle Eastern Music with Paula Darwish, Serpil Kılıç and special guests Mina Mikhail Salama, Ertan Turgut and Lou Armer. Songs in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Greek, Armenian, Albanian, Iranian and more. Anatolia and the Middle East have been  home to numerous civilisations, cultures and religions that have together create a beautiful tapestry of music. Recent events in the Middle East may create the impression that different cultures and religions cannot exist side by side but history shows us this is not true. We are not politicians we are musicians, and as long as politicians divide it

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At long last a full Manchester Concert… June 7th

It’s been two years since we did a full length concert in Manchester but finally we have decided on St Clement’s Church in Chorlton as the perfect venue. The concert will be recorded live and we have some amazing special guests…more info coming soon..

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