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3 Songs In Kurdish

    A collection of traditional songs from Turkey in Kurdish languages Zaza(Dımılki) and Kurmanji ( Kurmanci). This album features previously unreleased recordings from the Purple Sheep Records archive. From the lush multi layered musical arrangements of Venge Yeno to the plaintive bağlama and vocal of Hoynar, these songs show the remarkable versatıility of Paula Darwish and her band, The Country and Eastern Band. Whether the instruments are traditional or electric, each song is performed with the energy and passion that has become the hallmark of Paula Darwish’s music.



    About the songs:

    Venge Yeno – is an anonymous folk song from Dersim Province (also known as Tünceli ) in Turkey. It is sung in the Zaza language spoken only in some parts of Turkey and by disapora populations in Europe. The song is about someone from Dersim seeking refuge in the mountains and asking why it is so difficult to live in their own homeland. The song is the voice of the exile coming from the mountains. It was originally recorded for the album “Do What you Love” with a mixture of Kurdish Zaza and English lyrics. The English words, written by Paula Darwish, were not an exact translation, but tried to convey the emotional and political meaning of the original song to English speakers. This version just has the Zaza lyrics.

    Baranê – is an anonymous song from Konya in Turkey and the lyrics are in Kurdish Kurmanji. Baran means rain in Kurdish and the song is from a collection of traditional songs researched by Mustafa Kart. It was recorded for a German Company in the early days of the Darwish’s band. When the firm closed due to internal problems the original data files were lost and only this mix remained.

    Hoynar – a traditional love song from Turkey sung in Kurdish Kurmanji. A shorter version of the song appeared on the album “Do what you love” . Although the whole song was recorded for the album “Do what you love”, only a small part appeared on the final album as a kind of opening sequence to Darwish’s English song “No more”. The original idea for the song “No more” came from another Anatolian folk melody.

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