Hasret Gültekin – Bir İnsan Ömrünü Neye Vermeli

This is my favourite song for the weekend. Beautiful words, beautiful voice of Hasret Gültekin who was tragically killed in Sivas in 1993. Lyrics were written by Zülfü Livaneli. The title means ‘ for what should a person give their life”   Bir insan ömrünü neye vermeli Harcanıp gidiyor ömür dediğin Yolda kalan da bir

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new album release…3 Anadolu Ezgisi

New album “3 songs from Anatolia” out now on CDbaby and all major download platforms…includes the songs, Urfa Türküsü, Dağlara Gel and Uyur İdik.  Follow this link for the CDbaby album page with more details about the music.

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