Şengal Solidarity Concert Hamburg 3rd October

BENEFIZKONZERT für SENGAL 03.10.2014 Freitag Universität Hamburg Von-Melle-Park 8, 20146 Hamburg (Der Hörsaal des Fachbereichs Erziehungswissenschaft) Paula Darwish, Sakina &Trio Mara, Mehmet Akbas,Rosna, Ciwan Tengezar/Adar, Adirjam, Aşır Özek, Hasan Zeydan. Modalist-İnci Hakbilen(5 tane Kürt Kiyafetini bagis olarak açik artırıma sunacak.)

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The Middle East – the way it was and the way it is now…

Prompted by recent events and the terrible plight of people in Sinjan, I think this is a good article that rightly captures the true spirit and history of the Middle East. The Peacock Angel

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Please act now to save the Yezidi people of Iraq

For thousands of years Mesopotamia has been the multi cultural home to numerous communities and religion. In recent years,  a growing number of extremist religious armed gangs have been trying to change that. At this very moment, the Yezidi people whose home is  Mesopotomia, are threatened with extinction by one of these groups. Let’s reclaim

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