Jarnana Albanian folk song

Short clip from Manchester June 2015 – Paula Darwish Band with special guests Lou Armer, Mina Mikhail and Olivia Ward.  

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Malan Barkır – Rotterdam live clip

Serpil Kılıç and Paula Darwish @ se jinen azad, 2015, Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam Malan barkır is a song about the tragic Dersim Massacre in Turkey in 1938. Ten of thousands of people were killed and new mass graves  are still being discovered.    

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Venge Yeno new clip

We just found this great film on youtube that someone has made for one of our songs. It’s a traditional song in a Kurdish language called Zazaki. We have recorded the song in the Zazaki language and Paula has also written an English version called, ‘My Land’. Many thanks to whoever has made it. We

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Cambridge concert live clips

Some nice film from the Cambridge gig  last year….with Serpil Kılıç  , Adam Warne, Mina Mikhail and Matt Crawford at the Portland Arms.   Read on for link:  

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Diyarbakır concert film

Film from concert at Roll Bar, Diyarbakir 2012. Ey hevala evindar is  a Kurdish song written by Ciwan Haco and it means “my dear friend”

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Hasret Gültekin – Bir İnsan Ömrünü Neye Vermeli

This is my favourite song for the weekend. Beautiful words, beautiful voice of Hasret Gültekin who was tragically killed in Sivas in 1993. Lyrics were written by Zülfü Livaneli. The title means ‘ for what should a person give their life”   Bir insan ömrünü neye vermeli Harcanıp gidiyor ömür dediğin Yolda kalan da bir

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