Datçada beklenmedik bir tanıtma gecesi

Datçada beklenmedik bir tanıtma gecesi….Ağustos 2013 at Metamorfoz Sanatevi

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Cambridge Concert 26th June

I’m very pleased to announce our first gig in Cambridge which will take place in the Portland Arms. We are very much looking forward to it and hope you will enjoy our unique selection of songs in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and other traditional languages spoken in old Anatolia. More details

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Paula Darwish Ankara world music festival

Ankara Bilkent Odeon Stage 2011. Paula Darwish, Lou Armer, Serpil Kılıç. ‘dostum dostum’   – a traditional Alevi song in Turkish. “dostum” means ” my friend”  

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New live film from London Alevi festival

New live film from London Alevi festival June 2012 Baranê – a traditional song from Konya (berhevkar:Mustafa Kart) Baran means rain in Kurdish Kurmanji

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Anatolian Charity Night Photos 29th January 2012

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Dostum dostum

A folk song from the Sivas region of Turkey Words: Pir Sultan Abdal Music by: Aşık Ali Sultan One of my favourite folk songs,written by the famous Alevi poet and rebel, Pir Sultan Abdal who lived in the 16th century. ‘Dostum’ means ‘my friend’. The music was created by another well known modern day Alevi

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