Only our rivers run free – new clip

One of the most beautiful songs I know.Live from Rotterdam Sê Jinên Azad concert. When apples still grow in November When Blossoms still bloom from each tree When leaves are still green in December It’s then that our land will be free I wander her hills and her valleys And still through my sorrow I

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A simple love song… Lyrics: Paula Darwish Music: The Country and Eastern Band   My love is a wave rising high on the ocean high Your breathe is like sun on my skin Wave When I feel you sigh I look up in awe when I see the stars above No song is good enough

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Memleket derdine

A beautiful Turkish song by Efkan Şeşen played by Paula Darwish and band live at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Saçlarına dolana dolana yar dolana Tenim rüzgar olana olana yar olana olana yar olana Şu memleket derdine düştüm seher peşine Söz verdiysem aşkıma içim gider coşkuna içim gider coşkuna Gurbetlerde dolana dolana yar dolana Dağların

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A folk song from Keskin in the province of Kırrıkale in central Anatolia, Turkey  Source: Hacı Taşan Collected by: TRT Mavilim means ‘My blue eyed love’ and ‘herg’ is a fıeld left fallow. In the song, the blue eyed lover is far away and the singer is wishing he/she would come home. Lyrics Mavilim mavişelim Tenhada

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Dostum dostum

A folk song from the Sivas region of Turkey Words: Pir Sultan Abdal Music by: Aşık Ali Sultan One of my favourite folk songs,written by the famous Alevi poet and rebel, Pir Sultan Abdal who lived in the 16th century. ‘Dostum’ means ‘my friend’. The music was created by another well known modern day Alevi

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Ela gözlüm

A folk song from the Erzurum Region of Turkey. Source: Hulusi Seven Collected by:Emir Aldemir When I was offered a gig at the Royal Exchange Theatre in early 2009, I was pretty much gigging every month with the band and felt in the mood to do something different. I was very occupied with our night

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