Dostum Dostum

Live in Manchester….

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London Alevi Festival Pictures

London Alevi Festival 2012   New pictures … ( -:  

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Hasret Gültekin

A song from Hasret Gültekin who was tragically killed at the age of only 21 in what became known as the Sivas Massacre on July 2nd 1993. The Madımak Hotel in Sivas was hosting an event to commemorate 16th Century folk poet and rebel, Pir Sultan Abdal and was set alight by religious extremists who

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Paula Darwish Ankara world music festival

Ankara Bilkent Odeon Stage 2011. Paula Darwish, Lou Armer, Serpil Kılıç. ‘dostum dostum’   – a traditional Alevi song in Turkish. “dostum” means ” my friend”  

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Dostum dostum

A folk song from the Sivas region of Turkey Words: Pir Sultan Abdal Music by: Aşık Ali Sultan One of my favourite folk songs,written by the famous Alevi poet and rebel, Pir Sultan Abdal who lived in the 16th century. ‘Dostum’ means ‘my friend’. The music was created by another well known modern day Alevi

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Live at Bilkent Festival – dostum dostum

Paula Darwish, Lou Armer and Serpil  Kılıç at Bilkent International Music Festival, Ankara October 2011. The song is Dostum dostum, a traditional song  from circa 1500 ascribed to the  Alevi folk hero Pir Sultan Abdal  

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