Bugün bize pir geldi

A traditional Alevi song from Erzincan in Turkey From: Aşık Daimi   Bugün bize pir geldi gülleri teze geldi Önü sira kamberi Ali el murteza geldi   Ali bizim şahımız kâbe kîble gâhımız Mıhraçtaki Muhammet o bizim padişahımız   Aramı uzatılar yarama düz bastılar Fazladan bir gül geldi bedestan da sattılar   Padişahım yaradan okur

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The Big Manchester Newroz Party

Newroz pîroz be!  سعيد عيد النوروز Sunday 18th March 2.30 – 6pm Celebrate Kurdish New Year in Manchester with Turkish and Kurdish music from Paula Darwish, The Country and Eastern Band and guests.  Free folk dancing lesson for children. More info:  clubcouscous@gmail.com Tickets:  £ 5  on the door and children free. English Martyrs Parish Centre, Alexandra Road

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Bilkent Festival Ankara – kuliste

Sevgili Serpil hanım.. See all our photos on Flickr

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Backstage at Bilkent Festival Oct 2011

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River Lea

This is one of my oldest songs written about the ancient River Lea that flows through London. It’s use as a transportation route dates back to the Roman age and even older stoneage remains have been found along it’s banks. I  used to cycle down it to get some peace and avoid the traffic during

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Time to go

Time to go Lyrics by Paula Darwish. A song about Tony Blair, his part on the Gulf War and his eventual fall from power. Recorded for the album ‘do what you love’ in 2008. Welcome to the world where the mighty fall Where the lies die young and the truth grows tall Welcome to the

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