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Zargan –  Ücretsiz İngilizce Türkçe sözlük sitesi. Her zaman en sevdiğim sitelerinden bir tanesi..

Band Members’ websites

Ric Gibbs – Ric plays drums, all types of percussion and is also a cutting edge graphic designer
Adam Warne – Adam is a versatile percussionist, specialising in frame drums and Middle Eastern riq. He also plays with The Baladi Blues Band and The Jadid Ensemble
Lou Armer – Lou is an accomplished vocalist and ukelele player

The Team– people who have helped make things happen…

Purple Sheep Records – record label
Usta ve Çırak Organizasyon – Turkey bookings
Tom Knott – Manchester based sound engineer. Tom has worked on many Country and Eastern Band recordings including “do what you love” and also plays with The Earlies and I am Kloot
Niklas Schminke – Berlin based sound engineer who worked on “Urfa folk song” and ” do what you love”. He also works with Metin and Kemal Kahraman
Tracey Gibbs – photographer. Tracey is also a dancer and runs a belly dance agency in the UK
Rachel Magowan – music photographer and biographer
Erdinç Salgut – film producer, editor and camera technician. Produced “Jolene” clip. Also web & graphic designer at GraphicEdit
Lynda Gilbert Filming – film & video production

Anatolian,Turkish & Kurdish Music Resources

Turkish music Wikipedia – in English giving an overview of  different types of music from Turkey
Turkish Cultural Foundation Music Portal – English language resource about Turkish music
Kurdish Institute, Paris – English language resource about Kurdish music
Turku dostları – Turkish folk music resource in Turkish.Lyrics and stories of traditional songs.
Turkuler.com – Turkish folk music resource in Turkish.Lyrics and stories of traditional songs
Makams in Turkish Sanat Music – Turkish “Art music” – shows over 300  makams used in sanat müziği, translated into English as ‘Art Music’
Makams in Turkish Classical Music – from the Middle East Technical University,Istanbul

Turkish and Kurdish music in the UK – venues and festivals

Hebden Bridge Trades Club,Yorkshire
Iguana Bar Manchester
DAYMER Turkish & Kurdish Community Centre, London
Musicport Festival, Yorkshire
WOMAD Festival

 Other sites

Paylaşım Radyo  – internet radio playing  folk music from Turkey… türküler türküler…
Cem Radyo -internet radio playing  folk music from Turkey… türküler türküler….

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